Whose Button is This?

by by James Woolley, Louise Gale, and Paul Kennedy
Available at Bookdash.org and republished under a CC-BY 4.0 license


Whose Button is This?

Read by Skylar Gingrich

Tinny Tim sets out on an adventure to return a lost button. Along the way he goes exploring, has a miraculous escape, and makes new friends.

Tinny Tim was sitting on the road when a button bounced his way.

“I wonder where this comes from,” he said. He wanted to find out.

It was busy on the side of the road.
He nearly got squashed.

He made a lucky escape.
“It’s scary out here,” he said.

“Hey there, is this yours?”

The green man said nothing. He just turned red.
“What a rude person.”

Tinny Tim carried on looking.
“Whose button is this?”

...at least he’s friendly.”

“I’ve got to get to the other side.
I’m sure that’s where this comes from.”

“That was close.”
He waited for the cars to pass before he carried on.

Maybe this was who he was looking for.
“Hello, who are you?”

“I’m Ruby Rags.”
“I think this is yours,” he said.

“Thank you, little robot. Can we be friends?”


Whose Button is This?

Whose Button is This?


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  • exploring: эрэл хайгуул хийх: ямар нэг зүйлийг хайхаар дамжин өнгөрөх
  • miraculous: гайхамшиг: гайхалтай, гайхалтай
  • escape: зугтах: суллах
  • bounced: ханштай: ямар нэг юм цохьсны дараа хавар хүртэл
  • squashed: шахсан: хавтгай дарах
  • scary: аймшигтай: айдас төрүүлдэг
  • rude: бүдүүлэг: зохисгүй байдлыг харуулдаг

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  • exploring: зерттеу: бір нәрсені іздеу үшін немесе одан өту
  • miraculous: керемет: таңқаларлық, керемет
  • escape: қашу: босату
  • bounced: сықылды: бір нәрсені ұрғаннан кейін көктеу
  • squashed: қысылды: жалпақ басу үшін
  • scary: қорқынышты: қорқыныш тудырады
  • rude: дөрекі: әдепті емес

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • exploring: สำรวจ: เดินทางข้ามหรือผ่านเพื่อค้นหาบางสิ่งบางอย่าง
  • miraculous: ปาฏิหาริย์: น่าทึ่งและเหลือเชื่อ
  • escape: หลบหนี: รับฟรี
  • bounced: เด้ง: จะเด้งขึ้นมาหลังจากโดนอะไรบางอย่าง
  • squashed: แบน: เพื่อกดแบน
  • scary: น่ากลัว: ก่อให้เกิดความกลัว
  • rude: หยาบคาย: แสดงมารยาทที่ไม่ดี

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • exploring: अन्वेषण: केहि को लागी यात्रा वा मार्फत यात्रा।
  • miraculous: चमत्कारी: आश्चर्यजनक, अविश्वसनीय
  • escape: भाग्नुहोस्: स्वतन्त्र हुन
  • bounced: बाउन्स गरियो: केहि हिर्काए पछि वसन्त
  • squashed: स्क्वैश: फ्लैट प्रेस गर्न
  • scary: डरलाग्दो: डर पैदा गर्ने
  • rude: असभ्य: गरीब बेहोरा देखाउँदै

Source: Translate.Google.com