Miss Tiny Chef

by Linda Nabasa, Nabeela Kalla, Raymond Landry Diby, Ruramai Musekiwa
Available at Bookdash.org and republished under a CC-BY 4.0 license


Miss Tiny Chef

Read by Laura Davis

Miss Tiny Chef is only eight years old. She does things other little girls wouldn’t do. Armed with a talking mingling stick that shares all its great recipes with her, Kasini stirs up a special surprise meal for mummy.

Kasini is eight years old. She loves to cook. She reads a cook book on the school bus every morning and before bedtime.

Nobody knows her secret, that she sleeps with a wooden mingling stick every night. When she sleeps, she dreams that she is smiling, wearing a chef’s hat and holding her mingling stick high up in the air.

Kasini loves to sing as she cooks. She sings to the carrots and dances with the flour.

She slices the cucumber and places two on top of her eyes. She BANGS the saucepans loudly as she jumps up and down.

“GET BACK TO WORK.” the stick scolds. “Cooking is not work, it’s fun,” Kasini laughs.
The stick tells her if the soup needs more salt, if the chicken needs more heat and when the Ugali is ready to eat.

Sometimes Kasini doesn’t listen to the stick.
“I will use my palm to taste the soup,” she says.

“I will use my mouth to taste the chicken,” she decides. The stick laughs for she is young and it is old. Older than the cutlery in the house, Older than Kasini’s older brother. So old it knows all the great recipes by heart.

Kasini adds more salt, pepper and curry powder to the soup. This is wrong and she knows it but she is only being stubborn.

The stick doesn’t like being disrespected, it changes colour from brown to red to show Kasini that it is angry.

“The soup will BURN without the mingling stick!” moans Kasini.

She sings for the stick, but there is no change.
“I am sorry,” she says. The stick turns back to brown just in time and Kasini hugs it in joy.

“Now I can serve mummy the food I made,” Kasini says excitedly. “The food we made,” she giggles, as she tucks the stick away.



  • palm: the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers
  • joy: a feeling of great happiness
  • stick: a thin piece of wood
  • flour: the fine, ground powder of wheat or other grain
  • slices: to cut into thin pieces
  • powder: very small fine pieces or grains

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  • palm: далдуу: бугуй ба хурууны хоорондох гарын дотоод гадаргуу
  • joy: баяр баясгалан: агуу аз жаргалын мэдрэмж
  • stick: мод: нимгэн мод
  • flour: гурил: улаан буудай эсвэл бусад үр тарианы нарийн, нунтагласан нунтаг
  • slices: зүсмэлүүд: нимгэн хэсэг болгон хуваах
  • powder: нунтаг: маш жижиг нарийн ширхгүүд эсвэл үр тариа

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • palm: алақан: білектің және саусақтардың арасындағы қолдың ішкі беті
  • joy: қуаныш: үлкен бақыт сезімі
  • stick: таяқша: ағаштың жұқа бөлігі
  • flour: ұн: бидайдың немесе басқа дәннің ұсақ ұнтақталған ұнтағы
  • slices: тілімдер: жұқа бөліктерге кесу
  • powder: ұнтақ: өте ұсақ кесектер немесе дәндер

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • palm: ฝ่ามือ: พื้นผิวด้านในของมือระหว่างข้อมือกับนิ้ว
  • joy: ความสุข: ความรู้สึกของความสุขที่ยิ่งใหญ่
  • stick: ไม้แผ่นบาง
  • flour: แป้ง: ผงละเอียดของข้าวสาลีหรือเมล็ดพืชอื่น ๆ
  • slices: หั่นเป็นชิ้นบางๆ
  • powder: ผง: ชิ้นเล็กมากหรือธัญพืช

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • palm: हथेली: कलाई र औंलाहरु को बीच हात को भित्री सतह
  • joy: आनन्द: ठूलो खुशी को भावना
  • stick: छडी: काठ को एक पतली टुक्रा
  • flour: आटा: ठीक, गहुँ वा अन्य अन्न को जमीन पाउडर
  • slices: स्लाइस: पतली टुक्राहरु मा काट्न
  • powder: पाउडर: धेरै सानो ठीक टुक्रा वा अन्न

Source: Translate.Google.com