Clever Pig

by Nathalie Koenig, Lee-Ann Knowles and Josh Morgan
Available at and republished under a CC-BY 4.0 license


Clever Pig

Read by Jim Damico @

Pig loves to play! Clever Pig. One day, Pig is gone. Will Pig come back?

Come Pig! Let’s play.
Can you find the carrot?

No, it’s not under there.
No, it’s not inside.

Clever Pig!

Wake up, Pig! Come out and play.
Where is she?

Pig is gone.

The sun came up.
And the sun went down.
But, no Pig.

I miss my friend.

My Pig! Clever Pig.

And one, two, three new friends!

Come, pigs!
Let’s play.

Time for bed!

Goodnight, pigs.



  • clever: ухаантай - ухаалаг оюун ухаан, ухаалаг


  • clever: ақылды - тез ақыл


  • clever: ฉลาด - ใจด่วนสมาร์ท


  • clever: चलाख: द्रुत दिमाग, स्मार्ट