Ah! Football!

by Stella Kihweo and Onesmus Kakungi
Available at Storyweaver.org.in and republished under a CC-BY 4.0 license
Originally published by African Storybook Initiative


Ah! Football!

Read by Nicholas Murray

On their way to buy salt and oil for grandma, two boys start playing football with their friends!

I like playing with my friend Chuma.

We are good friends. When either one of us is sent somewhere, we go together.

One day, my grandmother sent me to the shop to buy salt and cooking oil. I went with Chuma.

On the way, we saw our friends playing football.

"Ah! Football!" I said. I wanted to play too.

I said to Chuma, "Let's ask if we can play with them. I like playing football very much."

Chuma replied, "Let us go to the shop first, then we can come to play."

But I replied, "Let us play first!" "Grandmother will not allow us to return."

We joined our friends to play. I was the goal keeper. The goal posts were made of two big stones.

I worked hard to catch the ball. My friends were not able to score any goals.

We played until the field was full of sand.

Then we went to the shop. Grandmother's money was gone! I started to cry.
Chuma shouted, "Stop crying. You wanted to play first."

We returned home without salt or cooking oil. We were very dirty and worried.

Grandmother was annoyed when we got home. The first question she asked us was, "Where were you all this time?"

We had to tell her the truth. She forgave us but warned, "Never again go to play without permission."

We went to feed the ducks. Later on, we cleaned ourselves.


  • goal keeper: the player who defends the team's goal in football
  • goal posts: an area between through which a goal must be kicked
  • score: to make a point in a game
  • goals: points scored by getting a ball into the goal
  • field: a wide area of open land
  • sand: very tiny rocks
  • annoyed: a little bit angry

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  • goal keeper: хаалгач: хөлбөмбөгийн баг дахь багийн зорилгоыг хамгаалж байгаа тоглогч
  • goal posts: зорилгод оруулсан бичлэгүүд: зорилго нь өшиглөх ёстой газар
  • score: тоглоом: тоглоомын тоглоом
  • goals: зорилго: бөмбөгийг хаалганд гоол оруулж, гоол оруулсан
  • field: талбай: нээлттэй талбай бүхий өргөн талбай
  • sand: элс: маш жижигхэн чулуу
  • annoyed: Жоохон уурлав

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  • goal keeper: қақпашы: команданың голын футболдан қорғайтын ойыншы
  • goal posts: Мақсатты лауазымдар: мақсатқа басталуы тиіс аймақ
  • score: ұпай - ойынға нүкте қою
  • goals: Мақсаты: допты голға тарту арқылы ұпай жинады
  • field: өріс: ашық жердің кеңдігі
  • sand: құм: өте кішкентай тастар
  • annoyed: тітіркендіреді: біраз ашуланған

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  • goal keeper: ผู้รักษาประตู: ผู้เล่นที่ปกป้องเป้าหมายของทีมในฟุตบอล
  • goal posts: โพสต์เป้าหมาย: พื้นที่ที่เป้าหมายควรถูกเตะ
  • score: คะแนน: เพื่อจุดในเกม
  • goals: เป้าหมาย: แต้มโดยการลูกเข้าประตู
  • field: สนาม: พื้นที่กว้างของที่ดินเปิด
  • sand: ทราย: หินขนาดเล็กมาก
  • annoyed: รำคาญ: นิดหน่อยโกรธ

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • goal keeper: गोल कीपर: फुटबलमा टिमको गोल बचाउने खेलाडी
  • goal posts: गोल पोष्टहरू: एक क्षेत्र जुन बीचको बीचमा गोल लात हुनुपर्दछ
  • score: स्कोर: खेलमा पोइन्ट बनाउन
  • goals: गोल: गोल गोल मा प्राप्त गरेर अंक
  • field: क्षेत्र: खुला भूमि को एक विस्तृत क्षेत्र
  • sand: बालुवा: धेरै सानो चट्टानहरु
  • annoyed: क्रोधित: थोरै रिसाए

Source: Translate.Google.com