A Beautiful Day

by Lindy Pelzl, Elana Bregin and Raeesah Vawda
Available at Bookdash.org and republished under a CC-BY 4.0 license


A Beautiful Day

Read by Juanita Klenklen

It’s a beautiful day for a picnic. Everyone wants to join in the fun.

“What a beautiful day,” says Mom. “Wake up Nicholas.”
“Hello sun,” says Nicholas. “Good morning birds.”

“It’s a lovely day,” says Dad.
“Let’s have a picnic by the river.”
“Can my friend Jacob come?” asks Nicholas.

“Don’t forget me. I love picnics!” says Donkey. “And me. I want to come too!” says Dog. “Follow us,” say the birds.

“I’ll race you to that tree,” Nicholas says.

“I won, I won,” says Donkey.
“Not fair,” says Nicholas.
“You’ve got four legs.”

“Look what I can do,” says Nicholas. “I bet you can’t do this,” says Jacob.

“Here’s our picnic spot,” says Dad.

“Race you to the water!” says Jacob.

“Come and eat, boys and girls,” says Mom.

“Time to go home,” says Mom. “Say goodbye to Jacob.”



  • lovely: beautiful in appearance
  • race: (verb) to run or compete against
  • fair: according to the rules
  • spot: an area or location

Ref: Google Dictionary, Oxford Learners Dictionaries, kids.wordsmyth.com, MacMillan Dictionary, Word Hippo

  • lovely: хөөрхөн: гадаад төрхөөрөө үзэсгэлэнтэй
  • race: уралдаан: (үйл үг) гүйх эсвэл өрсөлдөх
  • fair: шударга: дүрмийн дагуу
  • spot: цэг: газар нутаг эсвэл байршил

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • lovely: сүйкімді: сыртқы түрі әдемі
  • race: жарыс: (етістік) жүгіру немесе бәсекелесу
  • fair: әділ: ережелер бойынша
  • spot: нүкте: аймақ немесе орын

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • lovely: น่ารัก: รูปลักษณ์สวยงาม
  • race: การแข่งขัน: (คำกริยา) เพื่อเรียกใช้หรือแข่งขันกับ
  • fair: ยุติธรรม: ตามกฎ
  • spot: จุด: พื้นที่หรือสถานที่

Source: Translate.Google.com

  • lovely: राम्रो: उपस्थिति मा सुन्दर
  • race: दौड: (क्रिया) चलाउन वा प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्न
  • fair: निष्पक्ष: नियम अनुसार
  • spot: स्थान: एक क्षेत्र वा स्थान

Source: Translate.Google.com