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No! Level 1, 75+ words
Knight Times Level 1, 25+ words
That's Not Thabi, That's a Hippopotamus Level 3, 100+ words
My Inside Weather Level 4, 200+ words
Just Like Me Level 5, 200+ words
The Bounce Level 5, 150+ words
New Level 1 Books
It Wasn't Me 25+ words
Come Back Cat 50+ words
Who's That Baby? 50+ words
Hello 175+ words
A Beautiful Day 125+ words
A Day Out 20+ words
wordsLevel 1
25+It Wasn't Me![Storytime]
25+Knight Times
50+Come Back Cat[Storytime]
25+Lions are Always Brave
50+Clever Pig[Storytime]
75+What is It?
50+I Want To
50+Who's that Baby?[Storytime]
wordsLevel 1
50+Baby Babble
100+Where is Lulu?
100+My Special Blankie
25+Woof! Woof!
50+Sing to Me
50+Feathered Friends
75+Little Sock
100+Baby's First Family Photo
wordsLevel 1
100+Tumi Goes to the Park
75+Sbus Special Shoes
75+How About You?
125+Mina and the Birthday Dress
125+A Beautiful Day[Storytime]

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult
New Level 2 Books
Grandpa Farouk's Garden 225+ words
I Will Help You 125+ words
Whose Button is This? 125+ words
Bathtub Safari 100+ words
Come Stay with Me 100+ words
Just Like Me 100+ words
wordsLevel 2
225+Grandpa Farouk's Garden[Storytime]
200+A Very Busy Day
175+Karabo's Question
125+I Will Help You[Storytime]
125+Whose Button Is This?[Storytime]
225+Senzo and the Sun
100+Who is Our Friend?
wordsLevel 2
225+The Dream Pillow
100+Come Stay with Me
75+The Best Thing Ever
75+A House for Mouse
175+Tig's World
75+Let's Have an Inside Day
150+The Great Tidy Up
100+Bathtub Safari[Storytime]
wordsLevel 2
125+The Fish that Couldn't Swim
75+Shongolo's Shoes
200+The Lost Laugh
100+Anyone Like Me?
250+Yes, You!

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult
New Level 3 Books
Londi - The Dreaming Girl 200+ words
My Special Hair 275+ words
__ 200+ words
The Sea 175+ words
I'm the Color of Honey 300+ words
And Also 175+ words
wordsLevel 3
100+Where is Thabo?
100+Unathi and the Dirty Smelly Beast
175+Who Takes the Train?
175+Wiggle Jiggle
200+Mama Antelope's House
100+That's not Thabi
200+Londi, the Dreaming Girl[Storytime]
125+Scared Tumi
wordsLevel 3
175+Hippo Wants to Dance
150+When I Grow Up
200+Little Ant's Big Plan
300+I'm the Color of Honey
225+What If?
175+And Also
225+What's in the Pot?
275+My Special Hair[Storytime]
wordsLevel 3
100+My Dream in the Drawer[Storytime]
75+Nomvundla and the Chili Eating Contest
75+The Sea[Storytime]
50+Amazing Daisy
175+Rafiki's Style
125+Lara, the Yellow Ladybird

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult
New Level 4 Books
Thato's Birthday Surprise 200+ words
Why is Nita Upside Down? 200+ words
Zanele Sees Numbers 175+ words
Teju's Shadow 150+ words
Walking Together 200+ words
The Biscuit Jar Must Fall 275+ words
wordsLevel 4
150+Hugs in the City
275+The Three Doof Doofs
175+Zanele Sees Numbers
250+The Pumpkin Chase
150+Teju's Shadow
wordsLevel 4
175+Why is There a Hole in the Wall?
200+Thato's Birthday Surprise[Storytime]
200+Walking Together
175+Grandpa's Gold
200+Why is Nita Upside Down?[Storytime]
wordsLevel 4
275+The Biscuit Jar Must Fall
150+Palesa Can Walk
175+My Inside Weather
275+The Great Cake Contest

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult
New Level 5 Books
Small Bird's Big Adventure 225+ words
Tone's Big Drop 275+ words
Singing the Truth 450+ words
Maddy Moona's Menagerie 550+ words
Sizwe's Smile 675+ words
Searching for the Spirit of Spring 675+ words
wordsLevel 5
25+Katiiti's Song
25+Foxy Joxy Plays a Trick
50+Little Goat
25+Just Like Me
50+Lory Dory
75+I Don't Want to Go to Sleep
50+The Bounce
50+Sindi and the Moon
75+There's an Alien in My House
50+What's at the Park
50+The Lion Who Wouldn't Try
wordsLevel 5
50+There Must Be a Rainbow
100+The Lazy Ant
100+Dudu's Hat
25+Sima and Siza
50+Small Bird's Big Adventure[Storytime]
50+Tone's Big Drop[Storytime]
75+The Rainbow Cloud
100+The Elephant in the Room
75+Lonwabo's Recipes
50+Sleepy Mr. Sloth
50+Mali's Friend
wordsLevel 5
75+Singing the Truth[Storytime]
75+Why Birds Sing at Dawn
50+Ann Nem Oh Nee
175+Maddy Moona's Menagerie[Storytime]
125+Mrs. Penguin's Perfect Palace
75+Sizwe's Smile[Storytime]
50+Miss Tiny Chef
50+Searching for the Spirit of Spring[Storytime]
75+Aunti Boi's Gift

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult
New Level 6 + 7 Books
A Tiny Seed 400+ words
Tortoise Finds His Home 350+ words
A Fish and a Gift 650+ words
O Rain Come 175+ words
Graca's Dream 550+ words
Queen of Soweto 750+ words
wordsLevel 6
400+A Tiny Seed[Storytime]
775+Miss Helen's Magical World
175+Zandi and Birdy Monster
350+Tortoise Finds His Home[Storytime]
650+A Fish and a Gift[Storytime]
175+Mogau's Gift
250+The Very Tired Lioness
wordsLevel 6
550+Zanele Situ - My Story
1650+Together We're Strong
150+A New Road
400+A Dancer's Tale
675+The Fish and Chicken's Wedding
250+Thuli Special and the Secret
400+Sindiwe and the Fireflies
wordsLevel 7
550+Graca's Dream[Storytime]
750+Queen of Soweto[Storytime]

Level 0-to-7 easier-to-more difficult

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Readability Levels 1-3 measured using Spache Formula, and 4+ using New Dale-Chall Formula