Flashcards are a great resource for your lessons. Many children are visual learners so having pictures really helps them to focus on the new words they are learning. Click here to find lots of games you can play with flashcards in your classroom.

For younger students, make flashcards full size (A4). And for older students make the flashcards smaller like card deck size. For those without a color printer, print flashcard that have "b&w" in the name so your students can color them in first.

"How to make flashcards." below will help you learn how I make my flashcards!!

These flashcard categories are organized by theme. Click the category links to open and print flashcards:



School Objects

How to Make Flashcards

  1. Print flash cards, either b&w (for students to color) or color, on A4 paper (or smaller if making playing cards). Print one card with English and the same blank card (no English).
  2. Take two more scrap pieces of paper to be the center of flashcard. If it has writing it is better but if no, take a pen or marker and make a bunch of marks so SS can not see through the flash cards.
  3. Use small pieces of tape or glue the corners of the four sheets of paper.
  4. Then use wide tape to cover flashcard. This will help protect the card so it can last many, many years.